Aug 1, 2008

Actors blogs

Blog is the most convenient and easy way to express your thought and idea to the people. Now a day’s lots of Bollywood actor start their own blog and share their experience to the internet world. Now it is easy for them to know what people like about their film and what dislike. Actors also start campaigning through their blogs. You can also get film review and best wallpaper of your favorite actor through these celebrity blog. They talks to their fans through these blogs very friendly and address them as friends.I have listed below some actors blog:

1.Amir khan------------------------------celebrity1
2.Amitabh Bachhan----------------------celebrity2
3. John Abraham-------------------------celebrity3
4. Katrina Kaif---------------------------celebrity4
5. Salman Khan--------------------------celebrity5

Nov 30, 2007

Play online game

Try these sites:

1. For Playing all type of game online----Game1
2. For Playing Interesting Tank race----Game2
3. For 4 wheelergame racing game------Game3
3. For Download full version game-------Game4
4. Best Online I ever played ------------Game5
Play game:

Nov 3, 2007

Listen only online Hindi Radio

Select Live radios Of Your choice
1. For reguesting song and Watching Movie Online :Radio1
2. For Latest Hits and Release :Radio2
3. For Online Devotional/Bhakti song :Radio3
4. For Online Bhakti song :Radio4
5. For Bhojpuri Sangeet :Radio5
6. For all other language :Radio6
7. For regional(assamese,Bengali,kashmiri,tamil):Radio7

Oct 17, 2007

My office picture


these pics taken during Tambola Game.

My Number to choose a number for game

Oct 9, 2007

Play Game in Word

interesting game for you just save and play.
click on game:--------